The Orphan Dreams

Adventure | RPG | Casual | Indie

The Orphan Dreams is a permadeath adventure game combined with RPG elements. The game starts at an orphanage and the player takes control of an orphan child.

Step into the universe of The Orphan, who in his dream finds a letter from his own mother he has never seen before. While he takes his time to discover the truth about his family, he’s also about to find out the dark secrets of the orphanage.

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Old-school style gaming rules

No checkpoints, no retries, no mercy

Hand-drawn graphics

2.5D perspective, allowing both simple controls and a sense of depth

2 full chapters

consisting of diverse levels of both the real and the dream world

A combination of two gameplay mechanics

Fight with monsters and loot chests filled with random items in the dreams world; eat, sleep and explore the orphanage in the real world

Quick time events and various puzzles with time limits

Race against the clock and react fast

Hidden areas and bosses

Designed for multiple playthroughs

Multiple endings

Only the true ending will let you play Chapter 2

An unlockable High-Score Mode

Top your old score

Game Reviews


This game goes from cutesy to completely f***ed up.

Innocent at first, but something dreadful seems to be creeping in from behind the scenes.

Indie Game Magazine

Orphan dreams is definitely one of those rare productions that promises much more than meets the eye.

Kürşat Zaman, Level Online


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