I Will Be There

Adventure | Survival | Point & Click | Life Sim

I WILL BE THERE is a unique, ‘Survival-Adventure’ game with RPG elements in a procedurally generated, post-apocalyptic world.

Tyler is a middle aged man who longs to reach his loved one in a zombie infested world. Good news: He has an RV… and bad news: He has to go more than two-thousand miles. To do this, Tyler has to take care of himself and the vehicle, face random encounters and uncover truths along the way.


Explore Environments

Adventure awaits as you explore your environment from a first person perspective, never quite sure what will happen next, who will be waiting for you, what you will find or what threat you will encounter. Zombies, bandits,loot caches, abandoned houses, mushrooms in the woods – there is much to discover, but tread carefully.

Fight Enemies

Real-Time combat where guarding and timing your strikes can mean the difference between life and death… or where the bleeding status is concerned, a slow death. You may even be lucky enough to find some bullets for your pistol, but choose each shot wisely. Who knows when you will find ammunition again.

Manage Your Stats

Health, Satiety, Stamina and Mood all play into your character’s well-being. After a day of travel and scavenging, you will need to rest in your RV – that is, if your RV is fit for resting in. Tire and engine condition are a constant concern, as well as maintaining a source of water and topping up your gas. You just might find yourself stranded, scrounging your environment for anything that can help you move forward.

Drive Forward

The road is long, the journey lonely. But between scavenging and survival, you will encounter NPCs with story events for you to participate in. Keep on driving, don’t give up. Find a way to make it to the end and find the one you are looking for,

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Old-school adventure graphics

Immersive nostalgia with pixelated, 16-color objects and backgrounds

Photographed on real locations

Hundreds of real-life backgrounds will make each journey unique

Fully operational vehicle

Your own RV where you can eat, rest and get ready for the next day

Random encounters

Make each journey a unique experience; each day is different with random events

Day/Night cycle

Travel & explore in daylight and spend the night in safety… or not.

RPG elements

Use skill points to shape and improve your character as you level up

Official soundtrack and immersive sound effects

In-game events change what you’ll hear and when

Game Reviews


It gets really addictive pretty fast, with a great “The Walking Dead on the road” survival vibe!

Vernon Goodenough

It neatly combines a straightforward narrative with optional side stories, combat, & inventory management.

Steam Review by buffypython


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